Join myself Karrie Ann, Photographic Artist of Living Shasta Photography in a series of classes to Master your smart phone camera or any photographic device! Especially its most important element of light.  I guide each class through many demonstrations and fun experiments that everyone can execute together.  Explaining the "hows and whys" in a "small bites" easy digestible way to understand. Wether your in grade school and learning for enrichment, a photography enthusiast or an entrepreneur wanting to take your own product photos,  Im confident you will learn many new tips and tricks such as…

  • Learn how to isolate an object 
  • Try new perspectives and think like a bird or worm
  • Simplify by simply de cluttering your canvas
  • Good composition will tell your story with purpose 
  • Angle, depth, distance is easy if you just get closer and twist your head
  • Learn the rule of thirds and keep your viewers eye happy
  • Understanding low light - photograph something that glows
  • Focus! - Its what we all need to get sharp! 
  • Understand depth of field and purposefully place your subjects
  • Flattering Light - Keeping it even and complimentary
  • Lets not forget the importance of good selfies
  • Layering and backlighting
  • Take unique silhouettes
  • Sorting and choosing pics and DELETE DELETE DELETE!
  • Basic Tech Skills - how to check size, quality and transfer to devices
  • Get Outside!  Your camera can be your Life Line!




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