Shasta Photography ~ by KA

Blending light, nature, emotion & good energy to tell your story is my art




Karrie Ann is an Artist, Photographer, Cowgirl, Lyricist, Mind Architect, Philosopher and Mother...

A seventh generation Californian of ancestors that grew alfalfa in the 1800's quite literally on Hollywood Boulevard before any buildings were even conceived of.  Karrie Ann came into the world and jumped right on the back of a horse in the Sierra Nevada mountain range riding shotgun for her parents during their labor of love that was Serenity Boys Ranch for troubled teenagers created in 1973.  From the age of 0-12 she remembers spending most of her time at the ranch, floating down the Feather River, horse packing through the mountains, writing and singing songs with her mother Kathleen, telling stories around campfires and learning survival skills with her father, brothers and all the boys for weeks on end at the old scales mining camp in Poverty Hill. 

At the age of 12 her family relocated to the small quiet northern California town of Mt Shasta that she would know as home to this day.  Karrie Ann found herself the sole inheritor of the abandoned herd of horses left over from Serenity Boys Ranch with no supervision in sight.  She spent ALOT of time as an adolescent alone with her horses wandering the Shasta Trinity Mountains, alone with her own thoughts and a world of trails to take her anywhere but home… Documenting all of it with her simple little point and shoot pocket camera.  It wasn’t long after moving to this world famous magical volcano that she started hustling tourist and selling horse back rides around Lake Siskiyou. She was the 12 year old “it girl” for any adventure seeking equine enthusiast that wanted to meet God sliding down rainbow ridge (that was the sketchy and very steep shortcut to the lake from where she lived at Brown Ranch).  To be honest the only business rules she had was treat your horse good and keep up…  Your purchase also included soiled pants and a polaroid picture of you and your horse. That polaroid and pocket camera were some of the many early pivotal instruments that fostered her love for photography… somewhere in there the photographic artist was born.    

In her 20s she sang in a band for a while and wrote songs and poetry… traveled the western states working for a few different ranches between California, Washington and Colorado… Worked on and off for her father, started colts, rode her horse from Mexico to Canada with some detours, was a wild land fire fighter for a couple years, started a family, became a law enforcement dispatcher and survived many intense setbacks to finally realize in 2005 after a lot of soul searching that a life in photography is what excited her most and off she went to purchase a “real” camera which was the digital Canon Rebel with kit lens. She dedicated herself to mastering everything she could about photography off the internet, workshops, classes, trial and error and lots of practice. A couple years later her next camera acquired was by winning a techuity grant through Jedi specifically for women in tech. It was this Canon 5D camera and 70-200 2.8 lens that dramatically inspired Karrie Anns art and specific style to really start taking shape… especially when photographing people with the Mountain. To this day she still predominantly uses the exact same camera and lens set up but on the 4th version of it. The acquisition of this new “professional” camera is also when Shasta Photography by KA was born. 

The next 10 years were full of expansion, networking, seminars, workshops, opening a studio, creating calendars and cards to sell locally and dabbling in every kind of photography that she could try. She embodied being the jack of all styles like commercial, sports, schools, products, brandings, weddings, studio portrait, outdoor portrait, rodeos, lifestyle, astro photography, teaching workshops, being in a documentary, teaching celltography at a local middle school, working for commercial production companies and more… All while raising a family and enjoying being mom most of all. It felt like an a.d.h.d journey around the sun and back and she encountered so many incredible people and clients along the way… but a series of unfortunate events inspired her to walk away from any stress and rip open the curtains to oz and finally chose the one style of photography that brought life to her soul. She chose to focus her attention and passion on environmental portrait and rehabilitate her frazzled nervous system… Creating art in nature where she could prioritize wandering around for hours in the woods and visiting with cool people was a dream.   Looking ahead with mother nature as her studio and the human soul as her muse brings a lot of joy anticipating the next chapters of the journey and more amazing people along the way…


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