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Welcome to the collection of my favorite images "portrait" of Mt Shasta that I have taken over the years. If you are interested in purchasing prints shipped directly to you then you can visit this shopping enabled Mt Shasta gallery here. All of these are of "real" scenes of Mt Shasta around Siskiyou County and some of Black Butte or the city of Mount Shasta. All of the magnificent lenticular clouds are 100% real and created by nature and its unique wind patterns. Here is a good article about Mt Shasta's lenticular clouds on the california sun. As well as this Mt Shasta news article and explanation from historian Bill Miesse. If there is an element that is superimposed or added in post processing to any of my images or it is hdr then I will say so in the caption. Prints can be ordered and shipped directly to you through this shopping cart enabled gallery or by messaging me personally. Options include loose prints, framed, metal, canvas, standout or fine art material as well as digital image licensing (the latter is not listed in the shopping cart). I look forward to bringing a little of my shasta magic into your home. KA