Prints of Mt Shasta can be purchased through the Mt Shasta showroom located in the menu or click here. All wall art including framing, metal or canvas can be purchased by emailing or calling Karrie Ann [email protected] or 530-859-2292





Framing ~ Metal ~ Canvas options below


Welcome to the collection of my select favorite images of Mt Shasta. All of my images are of "real" scenes of Mt Shasta around Siskiyou County and some of black butte and the city of Mt Shasta. Nothing is superimposed or added in post processing that wasn.t originally there when I took the image… (unless posted that it is a rare composite or hdr). Most of the "pop" and Majestic feel to my images comes from my lighting in layers style and editing workflow (99% in Lightroom and 1% in PhotoShop)!  All of the prints for sale below are 100 plus year archival and longer if kept out of direct sunlight. Uv protective glass can be added for more sun exposed rooms.

Currently all wall art including framed, canvas or metal mount prints can be ordered by calling Karrie Ann. I will walk you through all the ordering options and pricing as well as the ability to do a zoom or video call to see first hand what you are ordering and how frame and mat colors compliment each other. At this time only loose prints can be ordered through the shopping cart in the menu above. Below is sample pricing on popular sizes for fine art images of Mt Shasta as well as links to a full array of framing options in the catalog.  

Enjoy your time looking around and I looking forward to bringing a little Mt Shasta magic into your home. When you are ready to order or just need more information please dont hesitate to call.  Also sending a text is a great way to successfully connect. Thank you KA


Click here for a collection of framing possibilities and color combinations on some of Karrie Ann's favorite Mt Shasta images...

11-04-10 1206 Frame11-04-10 1206 FrameScreenshot


Sample Pricing below- Full catalog pricing available by phone. Only loose prints can be ordered through the shopping cart. All other options available by phone.


Lustre prints

The following prints are a traditional 2:3 aspect ratio (for a panoramic feel see 1:2 aspect ratio)

Size        Price        

8x10         $24.00

8x12         $28.00                          

11x14       $66.00     

12x18       $100.00     

16x20       $158.00    

16x24      $165.00    

20x30      $262.00

24x36      $425.00        

30x45      $542.00     


1:2 ratio "panoramic" below

Size        Price

10x20       $80.00          

12x24       $139.00      


Framed Prints

8x10         $120                 

11x14       $150

12x18       $170

16x20       $225 

16x24       $270    

20x30       $342

24x36      $476        


Vivid Metal Prints

The following prints are a traditional 2:3 aspect ratio (for a panoramic feel see 1:2 aspect ratio)

Size         Price

8x12       $82.00 

12x18     $144.00      

12x24     $198.00        

16x24     $243.00      

20x30     $388.00                


1:2 ratio "panoramic" below

10x20     $143.00 

15x30     $276.00 

20x40     $503.00 


Canvas Gallery Wraps
The following prints are a traditional 2:3 aspect ratio (for a panoramic feel see 1:2 aspect ratio)

Size        Price  

11x14     $163.00  

16x24     $246.00       

20x30     $290.00          

24x36     $399.00


1:2 ratio "panoramic" below

10x20     $190.00



Sample cropping and sizing ratios below...


The crop on this first image is my personal favorite for a large scenic wall print.  It is an aspect ratio of 1:2 which is good for a print size of 15"x30", 20"x40"  or larger upon request.  

6-25-12 1548-2 Frame6-25-12 1548-2 FrameScreenshot

The crop on this next image is an aspect ratio of 1:3 which is good for a 10"x30" or a 20"x60" print size or larger.  Much longer and skinnier :)  Not typically available in canvas or metal unless a custom size is ordered for an additional fee.



This image is in the original aspect ratio off of my cameras which is a 2:3. Without cropping or losing image this can be printed in an 12x18, 16x24, 24x36 and 40x50 and so on... or easily cropped to a traditional 16x20 size





Full catalog of options and possibilities can be found in the links below.  Full catalog pricing available only by phone



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Acrylic Prints

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